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“While you were born the world rejoiced while you cried, live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice” this is ancient Sanskrit proverb. And we believe and live on it. Foundation Apex Nepal (FAN)) was stablished on the aim of helping Orphan Children who have lost their parents and have become homeless. We support them on their education and providing shelter and food.

Nepal is still a developing country in South Asia, situated in between India & Nepal. The country is mountainous region- full of hills and snow mountains. So, many places are un-accessible by roads. There are many villages who don’t have schools. The annual GDP per capita of a Nepali citizen is a mere 1071USD (as per 2019).  So, there is urgent need of building several schools and libraries. And during the earthquake on 2015 several schools were collapsed. There is always shortage of English speaking teachers in Nepal. Similarly, farming in Nepal is still in a traditional way. So, volunteering in this field would give some insights and updates of farming in remote villages of Mountainous Nepal.

Our country, Nepal, is very rich in Flora & fauna and full of natural beauties. The northern part of Nepal is fully covered by snow-capped mountains while the middle part is covered by thousands of hills. And the southern part, bordering India, is flat grassland and, farms and national parks.

“Foundation Apex Nepal” now works on Climate change issues and social welfare as well.  The foundation was brought into life to bring some positive changes in the society. We are a group of young enthusiasms on aim of helping needy people and work on Climate Issue. We want to protect our nature and our beloved mountains. We had been working as a mountain guides since long time, so we know the effect of global warming on glaciers. So, we have determination of protecting our glaciers and our Himalayas. Because, our mountains and Himalayas are the source of income from Tourism. Every year thousands of visitors come to see Himalayas in Nepal. They enjoy doing trekking and hiking. Some mountaineers climb higher peaks, including Mt. Everest which is world’s tallest peak. But taking care of the? Very few people. So, we want to be among these few people who really worry and take care of these magnificent Himalayas. Every year we plant hundreds of trees and take care of them while growing up. We collect Plastic and garbage from the mountains and bring them down for recycling process. We are a group of young people who has enthusiasm to work together and give some contribution to the society. We have long experience of social works, especially in the mountainous regions. As Nepal is still a developing country there are several issues to be improved: Social, Cultural & Environmental. We want to give some contribution on these fields.