“Foundation Apex Nepal” non- Profitable Organizing on Climate change issues and social welfare as well. The foundation was brought into life to bring some positive changes in the society. We are a group of young enthusiasms on the aim of helping needy people and work on Climate Issue and social Nepal is still a developing country in South Asia. According to 2019 status, a person’s annual income is 1070USD (In a year). There are several Social, Cultural & Environmental issues in Nepal. So, considering the seriousness of these issues “Apex Nepal Foundation” was formed to take initiative steps to bring some positive impacts on these issues. For sure, we alone cannot make a big difference but we also know A mile’s journey is started from a single step. We are a group of young people who are eager to contribute some positive efforts, taking some examples: Climate Change issues, Rural Health Issues, Education in the remote communities, Orphanage & Homeless Kids issues in the town, etc. Considering these issues and heartfelt emotions to be addressed we came up to register “Apex Nepal Foundation” as a non-profitable organization. And we’ve been contributing our efforts and knowledge to those needy peoples and to the environment since then. So, please come and join hands together to make our community and our Earth a better place to Live for ourselves and for our generations to come welfare.